Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween and other fun...

Halloween 2012
One more of Daddy and Austin at his work!

Halloween was so different this year I'm used to pumpkins after pumpkins and craft after craft with Halloween and preschool! This year was so fun to hang out with my little man and Jared. We both come from a family of Halloween parties! Both sides have a party we had so much fun and Austin was the cutest Elephant in town! We started the activities with a trip to Daddy's work for Trick-or-Treating I think Jared like showing his little elephant off. From there we headed to Aunt Wendy's Halloween party with donuts hot chocolate and pumpkin painting. (thanks Cory and Danielle for coming through for us with a pumpkin) It's always fun to hang out and get the creative juices flowing...we just painted a  bat and a skeleton on ours this year. Thank you Aunt Wendy for a fun party!
         Our ward had a trunk or treat this year so we stopped by and we got to see our friends Rupunzel and the pumpkin Ellen and Elaine from our ward, they just love Austin! Right after the Trunk-or-Treat I headed to Ogden for Aunt Lu Lu's Halloween party (Jared went to the U game) we had fun as always  hanging out, chatting with cousins and eating delicious soup! Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures on Halloween for some reasons but we surprised Nate and Kara and trick or treated to them on the way home from picking Jared up from another business trip. We left Austin on the porch to do the trick or treating it was pretty cute. We stopped by both grandparents' as well! We had so much fun. Halloween is so much more fun when you have a little one around!!

 Here is a little video of Austin...He thinks he is playing peek-a-boo when he covers his ears. It's pretty cute I had to share it!
 This is a miracle battery died right after. Here is Austin at his 1 year Dr. appt.
21lbs 4 oz. and 30 in! He is the 70% for height! He is going to be a tall guy!!

We had an after Halloween play date in our costumes! What cute friends we have!! We love Landon Connor and Hadlee! We even have 2 more friends on the way Connor and Landon are going to be big brothers next year!

This is just a cute video of Austin having fun splashing in the tub...the floor was covered in water by the end!
To finish the post I thought I would write a few things I want to remember about Ausitn
1. He loves to push anything around on the floor from a gift card to a bag of beans!
2. He loves to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider and If your happy and you know it!
3. Loves the cell phone and the keyboard and anything that glows!
4. Loves Oatmeal, Pancakes, Rice and Beans, Bananas, Apple Sauce, Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Peas and Green Beans! He is not a picky eater!
5. Loves his blankey and going to sleep on his own in his crib
6. Balls are the next best thing he will roll the ball back and forth and will chase it around the room
7. Austin loves to laugh and has a ticklish neck and tummy his laugh is so contagious!
8. Loves going outside a sliding down the slide and swinging in the swing. I think he could live outside he loves it!
9. He always has a huge smile when you get him in the morning or from a nap!
10. Loves bath time and playing with the day he will figure out how to drain the tub!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Austin Turned 1!!

Oh the fun we have had in 365 days!!
(Clockwise from Newborn to 1 year!!)

         Austin and I had a lot of fun together on his birthday! I just can't believe we are here celebrating 1 year already. I'm so blessed to be Austin's mama. We have so much fun together singing and dancing the day away! Literally...we sing everything! 
        We started his day out by singing Happy Birthday to him and then we had his favorite breakfast of banana pancakes and strawberry syrup! We took a walk in the morning and then read books and played. Grandma Kathy brought over a birthday surprise, some fun books and a cupcake just for Austin! Grandma stayed through lunch. Austin had his first peanut butter and honey sandwich! After lunch  it was time for a nap. When Austin woke up we went to the park with our friends Katie and Landon! Austin loved the swing as usual but this time he tried out the slide and he thought that was the next best thing! After the park we headed to pick up dad from work and off to Noodles and Company we went for some yummy Mac N' Cheese! Finally home for our yummy cupcake from Grandma! He was in heaven! Presents completed the night with mom and dad! We just love our cub and can't imagine our lives with out him! Happy first little cub!! 

Party #1
We had the McGavin's at our house to celebrate Austin's Birthday. It's amazing how I think I take a million pictures and then when I get them on the computer I think of how many more I should have taken. We sure had a fun time together, we even got to eat outside one last time! I made 2 lion cakes, one for Austin and one for everyone else! They turned out better than I had expected! Austin sure loves the McGavin side, they always take the time to play with him. Grandpa and Austin had fun rolling the ball back and forth and everyone else had fun watching Austin open his presents and chatting! Thank you to everyone you were all so generous!
Party #2
Since my family has so many people we celebrate Austin's birthday at my mom and dad's. Everyone was so generous! Austin is very loved by his cousins they want to help with everything! He even had helpers in the bath after he ate his cake! I made 2 more cakes this week as well; they didn't turn out as cute as last weeks but they were fun to make! I made chocolate cake this week and carrot cake last week! I must say homemade cake is so much better than the box it's worth the little extra time! Thanks Grandma Kathy for the recipes! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall Has Arrived!

Austin's and Daisy
Austin love his Grandma and Grandpa's Dog Daisy! He gets so excited to play with him. I'm not sure if Daisy is too sure about his new playmate but I have to say these two will become better friends as Austin gets a little older. I wish I had a picture of Austin and his Uncle Jason "Snake" because Austin loves Jason! Jason always makes Austin laugh with his silly faces.

Needless to say Austin loves Dogs...I'm afraid we will have to a dog family someday! These two dogs are big compared to Austin but they are gentle giants! We went to visit my friend Megan and little did Austin know he would have two new playmates Truman and Whittlin!

I didn't get a picture of Austin with his cousin's but we got to go down and have a play date with our cousins while Kara was helping out with her schools book fair. The kids were so fun! We made pictures with pull n' peel licorice and then we acted out commercials with random things we found around the house! We had a lot of fun that night. I got some cute pictures of the kids while they were getting ready for bed! Thanks for the play date!!

We ventured out to Gardner Village with our cousin's one afternoon we had a fun time looking at the silly witches and then we went to dinner to Cafe' Rio. Josh wanted to ride with Austin I caught a cute picture of the two of them. They are the best of pals!! 

Here are a few cute pictures of our cute Austin. He is pulling himself up on everything and I know he will be walking before I know it. We just love our "cub" I can't believe how much I love him more and more everyday! I love the picture of Austin and his daddy they have so much fun together! The picture next to that one is Austin stretched out during his nap. I can't believe how long he is!!  

We decided at the last minute to meet a few of our cousin's out to Wheeler Farm. Austin loved playing in the wood chips and the ducks were hilarious that day. I wish I had caught a few more pictures. I love the one of Austin and Josh up on the tractor!!

Pictures of our Austin's 1st Birthday to come!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

More Summer Fun!

After a very fun summer we decided to end it with a fun vacation to Oceanside California!! We had so much fun spending time together and Jared didn't have to study one minute! It was so nice to have him all to ourselves! We didn't do any main attractions we just stayed right on the beach and played all day every day!

Austin wasn't too sure about the waves at first but once he got to play in the sand he was in heaven! He loved jumping the waves with mom and dad and splashing in the water. We ate at this really yummy fish n' chips place in the harbor the first night and walked along the beach afterward. We also ate at this cute diner at the end of the pier called Ruby's Diner. They had burgers and shakes...obviously the shake was Austin's favorite!

We made our way to an Angels game! I think we have found a new tradition, we love going to baseball games when we are out of town. The stadium was so fun, there is just something about the bright green  baseball diamond!

On Sunday we went to the San Diego Temple and to the Mormon Battalion Museum it was so interesting to learn more about the sacrifices that were made when the men had to leave their families on the trail. On our last night there we celebrated Jared completing 2 more CPA exams by going out to this seafood restaurant call Rockin' Baja! Oh my was it amazing...and that is coming from one who does not enjoy seafood. We were both in heaven! We will definitely be back for a second visit! 

We made the 12 hour drive in one day on the way back! Austin was still able to give us a smile even after being in the car all day! He's was a real trooper I'm not sure if the Twizzlers we gave him along the way had anything to do with it or not but we sure love this little man anyway!  

Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's been awhile....a long while!

Okay...I have done this post 3 times now! I sure hope it doesn't get deleted this time!! It has been a long while since I posted last but with the help of pic monkey there might be some hope in posting more often! 

~May 2012~
Jared's Graduation

Jared graduate with his Masters in Accounting in May from the U of U. Words cannot express how proud I am of Jared for all his hard work and dedication. Jared earned the Outstanding Student Scholar Award in the School of Accounting. He was only 1 of 7 to receive this award. His hard work paid off and we are so grateful there is light at the end of the tunnel. He  has been studying all summer for the CPA exams he has 3 of 4 done and he will take his last one in mid-October and he starts his job this Monday with Delloitte! We are so excited to begin a new adventure!! 

~June 2012~

Ashley Say's Goodbye!

June was a bitter sweet month. Mostly sweet but I was sad to say good bye to my friends at Quail Hollow Elementary where I taught for the past 4 years. I made many great friends, many young and some old, needless to say I love everyone of them. I had the opportunity to love over 120 students in my time there. I also was able to share many fun memories with my assistants. They will forever be dear friends of mine! 

A Sweet Gift from Daddy and Austin

This is what I found when I walked through the door of my last day of teaching! What a sweet surprise. Jared reported that this gift was a little more difficult than he had anticipated but he did say it was worth it! I think this is the sweetest gift I have ever received. Oh how I missed my little guy while I was at work! I'm so grateful for the many hands that helped us during that crazy 6 months. We couldn't have done it with out you! We were also so grateful to our Heavenly Father and his tender mercies. I'm so grateful to be home with my little man! The fun we have!!

Swimming Play Date!
June brought some fun play dates with our good friends. We got together with Rylee, Landon and Louise for a summer swim play date. The babies loved splashing and playing in the water while the moms chatted! So fun to have friends so close to play with! We also live close the elementary school so Austin and like to go over and swing. He loves swinging in the swings! 

Summer Water Party!!

Aunt Lu Lu brought her Slip-n-Slide down for the kids to slide down on. We got out swimming pools, water balloons, and water bombs for the kids to launch! Austin loved the Slip-n-Slide and sweet Lia made sure he made a safe arrival down to the bottom! Thanks Lia! The kids loved hanging out by the water and enjoying the summer sun!!

~July 2012~

4th of July
The 4th of July did not disappoint this year! We enjoyed a little bit of everything this year. We started the day off with a breakfast at our ward, we enjoyed chatting with some good friends. We then headed to the Annual East Mill Creek Parade. We didn't partcipate this year but we sure enjoyed our chocolate donuts as we cheered the parade on down the route! My dad drove his restored 1940 truck down the parade route with Lia, Laura, Josh and Megan in the back! We also got to see our Audrey on her family's cute float! After the parade Austin went down for a nap and then we headed to the McGavin's for a yummy BBQ and to the Holladay Fireworks to top off the fun day!!

Jared's 10K!
Jared ran in the Deseret New 10K this year, he came in 41:40! He did great and loved it! Jared's mom and dad came to cheer him on! They are always so supportive and it means so much to Jared. Austin sadly slept through the event this year but we did get a post race pic! 

Parade 2012
We made our way to the end of the parade route where my mom and dad joined us for the parade. We had a lot of fun watching the floats come in. Jared couldn't make it this year he had to stay home and study but he did meet us for lunch afterwards! 

Wheeler Farm with Grandma!
Grandma Kathy took Austin to Wheeler Farm to see all the animals! We had a great time, eating lunch from Kneaders and watching the funny animals. Oh, the fun we had with our Grandma! The only regret I have is that the picture I took of the two of them didn't turn out! Thanks for the fun play date Grandma!!

~August 2012~

Fun Random Pics
Here are a just a few fun pictures of Austin at 9 1/2 months. He loves his toy cell phone, nectarines, apples, and being outside as much as possible. He is crawling everywhere and loving being so mobil! Life is getting trickier for Mom and Dad!!

Fun Visit from Grandma and Grandpa!
Grandma and Grandpa came to bring us a treat and say hello! Austin loves when they come to visit he doesn't have share the attention with anyone else! He is in heaven!! 

This summer Sarah, Lucy and  Nora came to visit! We had a fun swim party with them! We even made it to City Creek, the Zoo, a late night movie, and up the Canyon for a Hot Dog Roast! We were able to get a picture of the little cousins together. These little guys are only about 1-2 months apart!! We can't wait for them to grow up and run around together!

Austin's First Hike
Jared took the afternoon off of studying and we took Austin on his first hike up to Donut Falls. We had a great time and Ausitn loved the sound of the waterfall and just being outside!!

Lunch with the girls!

While Sarah was here the girls got together for an all girls lunch! We had so much fun chatting with each other. Aunt Luann and Wendy came down too! Thanks to Wendy I have a new found love of Clam Chowder! Just add a fresh squeeze of lemon juice to every spoonful!! Yum!!

More pictures to come!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Jared's Mishap

The Saturday after Austin's blessing day, Jared had a bit of a mishap cross country skiing with the scouts. He broke his ankle and since we don't make decisions very quickly around here we didn't go to insta-care until the last possible minute- we got there 5 minutes before it closed on Sunday Night after Jared had hobbled around church and taught his Young Men lesson sitting down. We just thought it was sprained and were very surprised when we heard it was broken. I'm pretty sure Jared's heart was broken along with it! No running for 12 weeks! Thankfully Jared got a walking boot but needless to say it's been a long 11 weeks at our house! Just 1 more week to go! Jared can't wait!

Austin's Blessing

On January 8, 2012 Jared gave Austin his name and blessing. It was a day I will never forget. I always imagined this day but never thought it would actually happen. Jared blessed Austin with a really sweet blessing and Austin didn't make a peep! I'm so grateful to have two sweet guys in my life! We had a really nice brunch at my parents after. I'm sad I didn't get more pictures of all that came. Jared and I both come from really supportive families. I just hope we can live up to even half the parents we both have!